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EXCERPT - Letter from class attendee

"Thank you so much for the excellent class you gave us...  Wow, you are such a great teacher!..."



Was this Workshop beneficial?

"Yes. It offered different techniques."  --  "Yes! Very good informative ways to handle daily stress."  --  "Yes, refreshed many skills I was aware of, & reminded me to re-apply them to my life."  --  "Yes, it will help me make better use of my time; things (like my) To Do list..."  --  "Yes.  Good reminder to become more organized.  I will also use the stress reduction exercises in my office."  --  "Yes. I realize that I am under a lot of stress and "the list" helped me to divert my to do list to specific days which lessens my stress."  --  This Workshop was very beneficial because I can apply it everyday, work & home."


How did the Facilitator support your learning?

"She was very knowledgeable."  --  "Engaged in conversations...  "  --  "She involved the whole class."  --  "Answered questions with practical situations, not something from books."  --  "... very engaging and empathetic."  --  "Direct. Very engaging"  --  "Let us talk about some issues."  --  "Answered all questions."  --  "Kept the participation up and had great stories."  --  "Listened and gave her opinion."  --  "Kept my interest and gave me different ideas on managing people."  --  "Rephrasing, explanations, examples.  Interpretation and delivering course material".  --  "Broke down coaching in an environment that's unfriendly." 

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