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Get your organization on the right path to success.


Coaching. Consulting. Training.


Our Executive Coaching provides Executives with an opportunity to understand exactly how his/her particular management style is impacting the organization.


Coaching also provides Executives with an opportunity to strategize on crucial behavioral adjustments. These adjustments focus on improvements to the existing management practices that include, but are not limited to: project and time management, resource control, even e-mail and phone usage.


New ideas for improved management techniques, teambuilding solutions and changes in business process are critical to the growth and development of any organization.


Germaine Training and Development has extensive Consulting and training expertise.  We provide executives and managers with consultations, assessment opportunities, and help create solutions dedicated to the goal of improving the employees, the departments, and the overall organization.


"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do." - Goethe


Recognizing that every staff person has a sense of what is expected of them as they perform their daily tasks, there are times when company growth, consolidation, or evolution requires employees to change the way they do their job.


Germaine Training provides workshops to supplement, enhance, or assist in changing a company's current processes and procedures.

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