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Our workshops help you succeed.


Team Building
This workshop provides the opportunity for members of the same team to realign themselves with each other, gain a better understanding of each other, and confirm ways in which varied styles of management can effectively function.
Performance Management
This workshop provides management staff with the opportunity to learn new skills, refresh excellence within personal management styles, and develop individual management plans for the direct-report staff they manage. 
In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to review methods of effective communication, practice “delivering the message”, and devise a communication plan for themselves and their direct reports.
Setting Goals & Expectations
Learn methods of effective goal setting, defining expectations, and providing feedback and monitoring performance for success.
Performance Appraisals
Understand the principles of writing, delivering, and monitoring the effects of a well-defined Performance Appraisal process.
Process Analysis & Follow-Up
Learn how this process, when used regularly, will assist in maintaining the direction, productivity and accomplishment of every individual, team and department.


Managing Your Career
There are times when it is apparent that some employees simply don’t understand the subtle expectations of being a successful member of an organization.


We present information, challenge perceptions, and foster tremendous participation. This results in a changed attitude, enhanced professionalism, and commitment to the company and to their view of themselves as professionals.


The Managing Your Career Workshop Series includes the following topics:

  • Business Acumen

  • Business Etiquette

  • Dress for Success

  • How to Keep Your Job     

  • Tools for Career Success

Other Career Development Workshops Include:


  • Management Diversity

  • Multi-Cultural Management

  • Stress Management

  • Organization and Time Management

  • Basic Business Skills

  • Business Grammar & Writing

  • I Am...(The Company I Work For)

  • What Do I Say?

  • Customer Service Training

  • Business Enhancement

  • Quality Control


Process Analysis
Uncertainty. Errors. Inter-departmental and intra-departmental turmoil. Lack of teamwork. Frustration. High rate of absenteeism. Employees who spend more time fixing problems than doing the actual work required to ensure corporate growth and stability. Aggravated employees (at all levels) who make suggestions that seem to fall on completely deaf ears. Seem familiar?

A Process Analysis consultation will uncover the root cause of the problems the company is encountering, recommend changes, and define benefits.


We initiate a process to analyze all, or selected parts, of what is occurring throughout an organization.  We work with various levels of the staff and provide a report that recommends step-by-step solutions, time-frames, and benefits to making changes in daily work processes.


Project Management
Training in theory and terminology helps staff develop a common language for expressing the requirements of the project. Hands-on learning and examples, provides attendees with the opportunity to learn and absorb the idea of managing their activities.

Call us now so we can discuss the benefits and usefulness of adding Project Management to your staff's catalog of skills. 

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